What does Bet mean?

Bet is a slang expression for affirming a statement, or countering the doubts of someone.

It is used as a positive reaction to things, either in the form of an agreement or approval.

“Bet” is especially prevalent in African American Vernacular English, although it had gotten adopted by many as a slang phase.


What's the origin of Bet?

 “Bet” had been in use for a long time, initially as the phrase “You bet” in the 1950’s.

It then got modified into just a simple word during the 1980’s, especially in black neighborhoods.

During the 1990’s it had gotten more and more popular among college campuses and school lingo, mostly thanks to the growing influence of Black culture and Hip Hop music.

Spread & Usage

How did Bet spread?

The term had first gotten defined on Urban Dictionary sometime in 2003 or 2004 and since then plenty of other interpretations and entries had been uploaded to the online lexicon.

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  • Urban Dictionary – Bet

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