That’s Not a Knife


What does That’s Not a Knife mean?

That’s not a knife refers to a memorable quote from Crocodile Dundee, uttered by the titular character, Mick Dundee.

Online, it is often quoted as a comeback to threats and is seen in YouTube parodies and remixes.

“That’s not a knife” was famously referenced in The Simpsons, during the Knifey Spoony scene.


What's the origin of That’s Not a Knife?

“That’s not a knife” originates from Crocodile Dundee which premiered in the United States on September 26th, 1986.

In one of the scenes, Dundee and Sue (portrayed by Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski) are threatened by a Youngin, attempting to rob them.

When Sue expresses her concerns with him having a knife, Dundee replies “That’s not a knife” while pulling out a large hunting knife, saying “THAT’s a knife.”

Spread & Usage

How did That’s Not a Knife spread?

The lines “That’s not a knife” and “THAT’s a knife” have both been referenced in popular culture, in animated series such as The Simpsons as well as Family Guy, while also appearing in games such as Halo: Reach.

On April 6th, 2010, a Facebook page titled “That’s not a knife”. “That’s a knife!” was launched.

During the 2010’s, the phrase has occasionally appeared in social media comments, posts and memes, usually replying to threats.

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