The Ants 😑 🐜


What does The Ants 😑 🐜 mean?

The Ants 😑 🐜 refers to a meme that originated from the popular video-sharing app TikTok. The format consists of a short clip where a person imitates an ant and puts his or her pointing fingers over his or her head, imitating the antennae of and ant. The person often acts out a scenario, such as throwing away fruit that has ants all over it. Captions saying β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ are always displayed on videos.

The format and has spread quickly on TikTok, due to its silly nature. It has become so popular that many people have created their own versions of β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€. Some of these variations include adding additional elements to the format, such as music and special effects, while changing the scenario one is depicting the ants in. It also spread to various other sites likeΒ YouTube, Instagram andΒ Twitter.



What's the origin of The Ants 😑 🐜?

The origin of “The Ants 😑 🐜” meme can be traced back to the TikTok app, where it first appeared in a video on September 3rd, 2019, uploaded by @erinleexd. The background music played in the video was β€œJuly 19 Dance Trends mashup” by thedylanmiller, and the scene depicted the tiktokker throwing away a piece of fruit, followed by her imitating the angry reaction of the ants. The two emojis added at the end, β€œπŸ˜‘ πŸœβ€, were also meant to emphasize the ants’ reaction.
TheΒ TikTok gained a large amount of popularity in a short time, getting shared across various media platforms within hours of being shared.

Spread & Usage

How did The Ants 😑 🐜 spread?

β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ began spreading across the internet after the original TikTok of erinleexd was shared. Just three days after the release of the video, other versions by other TikTok users started popping up, imitating β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ in various situations. Soon, β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ became a popular topic and tag on social platforms such as TikTok, Twitter and Instagram. First, user @amysmvrcury tweeted a post only containing β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ repeatedly. One day later, user @gabillla tweeted β€œeveryone’s always says the ants 😑 🐜 but no one ever asks how r the ants ? ?”

Since then, the phrase has been used in a variety of tweets and posts, often in reference to things that are annoying or bothersome. The expression has also been used as part of various hashtags such as #TheAntsAreAnnoying and #TheAntsAreComing.

The format has also been spread to YouTube where a largne numbero of compilations of β€œThe Ants 😑 πŸœβ€ TikToks can be found.

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