There Is No Meme


What does There Is No Meme mean?

There is no meme, usually followed by the line “take off your clothes” refers to an image macro series, featuring viral meme characters like Doge deceiving the viewer and ordering them to take off their clothes.

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What's the origin of There Is No Meme?

While the exact origin of the meme is not known, an early instance of it was uploaded to Instagram by realstiffy in July, 2019, with an image of Beanos paired with the captions “there is no meme, take off your clothes”.

The meme became successful both on Instagram, as well as spreading to iFunny and Reddit.

Spread & Usage

How did There Is No Meme spread?

“There is no meme” spread quickly, appearing in a large number of subreddits, as well as posts on Instagram, Twitter and iFunny, spawning a lot of variations.

Editions of the image macro featured characters like Barack Obama and Doge.

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