There Is No Meme


What does There Is No Meme mean?

The phrase, There Is No Meme, usually followed by the line “take off your clothes” refers to an image macro series, featuring viral meme characters like Doge deceiving the viewer and ordering them to take off their clothes.

It is an archetypical Zoomer meme, inspired by the advent of absurd and nonsensical online content at the end of the 2010s.


What's the origin of There Is No Meme?

While the exact origin of the meme is not known, an early instance of it was uploaded to Instagram by realstiffy in July 2019, with an image of Beanos paired with the captions “There is No Meme, Take Off Your Clothes”.

The meme became successful both on Instagram, while also spreading to iFunny and Reddit.

It soon inspired several other versions, with various online personas and characters included on the image macros, referencing other ironic memes of the epoch.

Spread & Usage

How did There Is No Meme spread?

“There Is No Meme” spread quickly, appearing in a large number of subreddits, as well as posts on Instagram, Twitter and iFunny, spawning a lot of variations. Editions of the image macro featured characters like Barack Obama (famous for the Obama Prism meme) and Doge, while also being featured on YouTube videos, combined with earrape sounds. The style of the format also included over-saturated images, with distortions, as well as glowing eyes and gun barrels, aimed at the viewer.

“There is No Meme” is a textbook example of the absurdity and grotesque nature of Zoomer humor, that came to dominate the internet, following 2015.

Since its inception in 2019, the meme became widely known across the web, appearing on sites like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, as well as Facebook, iFunny and 9GAG.

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