This Is Outrageous It’s Unfair


What does This Is Outrageous It’s Unfair mean?

“This is outrageous! It’s Unfair.” – a quote uttered by Anakin Skywalker in the movie Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of The Sith.

Online, the quote is often used in reaction images, in the context of something unfair or morally wrong happening to an individual or a group of people. Memes of this sort are a way to protest against something unjust.

This meme belongs to the group of prequel memes, which are based on the Prequel episodes of the Star Wars saga.


What's the origin of This Is Outrageous It’s Unfair?

Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of The Sith premiered in the United States in 2005 as the third movie of the Prequel trilogy.

During the movie, Anakin acts as a double agent between the Jedi Council and Palpatine. The scene which features the quote shows Anakin auditioning in front of the Jedi Council.

Mace Windu, a Jedi Master and senior member of the Jedi Council tells Anakin that although he is on the council, they won’t grant the young man the rank of Master.

Anakin, who is shocked upon hearing this, protests by uttering “This is outrageous! It’s Unfair.”.

Spread & Usage

How did This Is Outrageous It’s Unfair spread?

The quote became quite popular among Star Wars fans, especially in the Prequel meme series.

With a few exceptions, these memes mostly spread within the Reddit board r/PrequelMemes, but as a reaction meme, the format has appeared on most social media platforms, starting from the year 2012.

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