Trojan Horse


What does Trojan Horse mean?

Trojan Horse is a series of image macros, with object labels, depicting the legendary scene from the Iliad, when the Greeks infiltrate Troy in a wooden horse.

The theme of the meme is just that; secretive infiltration in disguise.

Trojan Horse Meme Template


What's the origin of Trojan Horse?

The first version of the meme was uploaded to Contently as a one panel comic, by Martin Kozlowski on May 15th, 2015.

The comic depicted the “Trojan Horse” with the icon of Facebook, entering the gates of Troy, which were labeled The New York Times.

Spread & Usage

How did Trojan Horse spread?

The first instance of the object label version of the meme appeared in 2018 on Instagram, expressing the difficulties of living with the last drip of pee always infiltrating into the underwear.

After the Instagram post, the format spread onto Reddit, where new edits and interpretations were conceived by users.

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