Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself


What does Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself mean?

Trust nobody, not even yourself refers to an exploitable image of a photoshopped image of a teenage boy aiming a gun at himself.

The expression turned into a proper catchphrase online and is often cited by users of all sites.

Trust nobody, not even yourself


What's the origin of Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself?

The image was uploaded to Twitter by user @MohamedKamoul on June 8th, 2014.

The tweet was subsequently removed from Twitter, but the image and the quote still turned out viral.

Spread & Usage

How did Trust Nobody, Not Even Yourself spread?

Screenshots of the tweet would appear on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Imgur and FunnyJunk.

In December, 2014, a photoshop request thread was created on 4chan, where users would create a large amount of photoshop remakes of the original image.

While the thread was taken down later, many of the edits would survive on the r/4chan subreddit.

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