Waluigi’s Taco Stand


What does Waluigi’s Taco Stand mean?

Waluigi’s Taco Stand refers to a nonexistent joke videogame, featuring the Nintendo character from the Mario series; Waluigi.

The hoax game is said to allow players to take control of Waluigi, running a taco stand.

“Waluigi’s Taco Stand” has spawned numerous fan art, fake advertisements and memes about its hidden and unlockable existence.


What's the origin of Waluigi’s Taco Stand?

Discussions about a Waluigi game started emerging on a long deleted GameFAQs forum back in 2002, where the concept of “Waluigi’s Taco Stand” is said to have first emerged.

The title also appeared in a 2006 smashboards discussion, where users were talking about Waluigi deserving his own video game titles.

Spread & Usage

How did Waluigi’s Taco Stand spread?

The first fanfiction about the concept was posted to FanFiction.net by Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus on April 13th, 2012, amassing a large amount of appreciation from other users.

The meme was relatively inactive in the following years, until 2018, when on August 8th, Kaze Emanuar uploaded a fake “LOST N64 COMMERCIAL” to YouTube.

A few days later, the same user uploaded an unboxing video for “Waluigi’s Taco Stand”.

The same day, eBay user kaze_11 posted an ad of the game, which eventually sold for $605.

Since then, various contents have been emerging online, including YouTube gameplays as well as trailers and fan art.

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