Weird Flex But Ok


What does Weird Flex But Ok mean?

Weird flex but ok, alternatively appearing as odd flex but ok is a dismissive phrase used mostly on the internet, as a reaction to someone boasting about an odd thing, many would consider bizarre or odd.

It may be used to mock the boaster, but also to point out the fact that many people wouldn’t brag with the thing in question.

Weird flex but OK.


What's the origin of Weird Flex But Ok?

Flexing had been in use since the late 1900’s, referring to the flexing of the muscles and metaphorically, to showing off one’s assets and possessions.

The expression appeared on the internet in 2017, when human rights activist Malala posted a tweet in which she proudly collected her achievements of the year, to which Twitter user @finnfeighery reacted with “Weird flex but ok”.

During 2018, more and more people started using the phrase on Twitter and other sites.

Spread & Usage

How did Weird Flex But Ok spread?

One of the most popular uses of the expression happened in September 2018, when Brett Cavanaugh claimed on Fox News that he was a virgin in high school and many years after, to which Twitter user @SJSchauer reacted with “Weird flex but ok”.

The sentence had appeared in memes, and social media posts all over the internet since then, reaching most, who browse the internet habitually.

It was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2017 for the first time.

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