Well I Am Not Doing It


What does Well I Am Not Doing It mean?

Well I am not doing it refers to an image macro, depicting penguin from the Pingu series spitefully sitting on a chair, with crossed arms.

The meme is used to depict people or characters who changed their minds out of pride about something, that wasn’t allowed for them the first time they asked.

It is a well-known reaction, especially at children, though there are some people who find it to be an effective way of self-expression for adults as well… to what end, don’t bother to ask.

Well now I am not doing it


What's the origin of Well I Am Not Doing It?

The macro was taken from the British-Swiss stop-motion children’s series, Pingu, which was aired on TV between 1986 and 2006, entertaining an entire generation.

Pingu served as the source for several memes, in the form of image macros, reaction images and such.

Spread & Usage

How did Well I Am Not Doing It spread?

“Well I am not doing it” started appearing on various Reddit threads at the beginning of 2020, before Covid-19 would take the spot of meme of the year, shoving Pingu to the footnotes of meme history.

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