White girl wasted


What does White girl wasted mean?

White girl wasted is an expression for how a young, white woman stereotypically behaves when being too intoxicated.

You are “white girl wasted” when your makeup starts running, your friend holds your hair while you puke, before you proceed to sing along to “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and “Tik Tok” by Kesha.

Then, your girlfriends all pat your back during your emotional breakdown, before you proceed to text your ex.

Basically, it’s quite an embarrassing experience, and you will most likely wake up next morning and promise yourself that you will never drink again.

White girl wasted


What's the origin of White girl wasted?

Being “wasted” is a common slang for being extremely drunk or high.

The reason it’s called “white girl wasted” is because it appears to be a phase in many young, white girls life to experience the “white girl wasted”.

User daluved1 explained on Urban Dictionary in 2010 that it mainly happens to white women between 17 and 27.

Spread & Usage

How did White girl wasted spread?

Thoughtcatalog released an article in 2014 explaining the 5 stages of “white girl wasted”.

The first phase is “The Pre-Game”, 2nd being “The Light Buzz”, followed by the “We Just Got Here, LET’S DO SHOTS!”, then “The IDGAF!” and last but not least, “The Afterparty”.

HILA THE KILLA released the hit “White Girl Wasted” in 2013, a satirical rap song about party culture and the behaviour of drunk people.

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