Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me


What does Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me mean?

Women want me, fish fear me refers to a popular hat label, which is often parodied online in photoshop edits.

The parodies are usually ridiculously extensive, containing dark jokes on solitude.

Some of the hat parody designs have been adopted by vendors, making these funny hats available for purchase.

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What's the origin of Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me?

The phrase was a cliché expression, associated especially with dads who are known for their love of corny lines online.

The first example of the hat parody was uploaded to Facebook by the page Jekyll Does’nt Hide on June 23rd, 2020.

Soon after the original post, the hat would appear on numerous photoshop edits, with various characters, such as Doge wearing it.

Spread & Usage

How did Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me spread?

Starting in April, 2021, the meme started to become more popular among the public, with hats with various labels appearing online.

A notable example is the hat design of CoolShirtz, with a ridiculously long brim, which sold out within hours.

Photos and edits of these hats circulated on sites like Twitter, Facebook as well as Reddit.

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