Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me


What does Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me mean?

Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me is a popular hat label that has become an internet sensation, often parodied in photoshop edits with dark jokes about solitude.

These parody designs have become so popular that well-known vendors have included them in their catalogue, giving customers the opportunity to purchase their very own funny hat.

Image macros and reaction GIFs have been spreading across the internet, fusing the meme with countless other pop culture fads.

Women want me, fish fear me. Otter. Cute. Aww.


What's the origin of Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me?

The phrase “Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me” was an popular cliché expression that was often associated with dads who have found internet fame for their love of utilizing corny lines in their daily banter.

This expression gained steam propelling its infamous rise after the original hat parody was first uploaded to Facebook by the page Jekyll Does’nt Hide on June 23rd, 2020.

Following the post, the hat soon gained success spurring photoshop edits with various characters, most notably the beloved Doge, sporting the hat. The phrase’s newfound popularity has only grown exponentially with the combination of the rise of Doge-infused memes.

Spread & Usage

How did Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me spread?

Starting in April, 2021, the meme of hats with various labels, especially the hat design of CoolShirtz, with its ridiculously long brim, started to become increasingly popular among the public.

Photos and edits of these hats quickly circulated among users on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, resulting in CoolShirtz‘s hats selling out within hours of their initial release. This meteoric rise in popularity of the unique hats led to an influx of similar designs being offered and shared online.

“Women Want Me, Fish Fear Me” has remained a popular meme, associated with the cringe nature of Boomersappearing on image macro memes, Twitter posts, as well as YouTube and TikTok compilations.

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