Y tho


What does Y tho mean?

Y tho is an internet abbreviation of the phrase “Why though?”

It is a widely spread slang expression, usually used in a trolling manner as a reaction to the dumb actions or statements of someone else.

Later it became a meme, written on a painting of Pope Leon X created by Fernando Botero; the pope on the art piece is short, fat with a tiny face, making the image macro a comic masterpiece, known widely on the internet.

May I present… my collection of “y tho” fat people


What's the origin of Y tho?

The phrase was added to the infinite definitions of Urban Dictionary in 2007, beginning its career.

Since then several other entries were added to the site, describing the true meaning of y tho.

Spread & Usage

How did Y tho spread?

The term needed to wait 7 years patiently to take over the world.

It all began on Imgur in 2014, with the image macro featuring Botero’s painting was uploaded and got great response from the community.

It then got reposted in the /r/funny subreddit, only growing in popularity.

The image macro then got made into numerous memes, as a reaction image, posted all over the internet, from Imgur and Reddit to Facebook meme groups and Instagram meme pages.

The phrase also continued to be written on the right pictures, creating some dank reaction memes for those in need.

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