You Have Died of Dysentery


What does You Have Died of Dysentery mean?

You have died of dysentery refers to a popular reference to the DOS video game Oregon Trail.

The game was a widely distributed in US public schools, resulting in many people encountering the often-displayed message of the game; “You have died of dysentery”.

Online, the phrase is frequently referenced by fans of the game.

You have died of dysentery.


What's the origin of You Have Died of Dysentery?

“You have died of dysentery” comes from Oregon Trail, a videogame developed by Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, first released in 1978.

The phrase became a catchphrase among fans of the game, as it would be displayed so many times throughout the adventure simulation of the Oregon Trail.

The game would have several other releases and improved versions published between 1978 and 1985.

Spread & Usage

How did You Have Died of Dysentery spread?

“You have died of dysentery” first emerged online in March, 2005, when Busted Tees paid homage to the video game with the phrase printed on T-shirts.

Fall Out Boy also made a tribute to the game in 2009, when they released Fall Out Boy Trail, combining the game with Guitar Hero.

In January, 2010, Gameloft published a mobile adaptation of the original game.

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