You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time


What does You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time mean?

You’re gonna have a bad time is a meme that is in relation with both the retro-style role play computer game Undertale, and an episode of the American cartoon TV series South Park.

On the internet, this catchphrase has inspired the creation of many image macros and reaction memes, as well as crossovers that mixes the elements of both of the game and the series.

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What's the origin of You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time?

The first instance of the meme appearing dates back to 2002.

During the second episode of season 6 of South Park, the sentence “You’re gonna have a bad time” is repeatedly uttered by a ski instructor character. It has become a memorable quote in the South Park fandom.

Independently, the 2015 RPG game Undertale also had the catchphrase as a memorable part of its gameplay. At a certain point of the game the player is offered the path to picking an aggressive play style. That is followed by another character Papyrus appearing and warning the player by telling “You’re gonna have a bad time”.

The path then features unique elements that made the quote iconic for Undertale fans.

Spread & Usage

How did You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time spread?

The South Park meme became more widespread over the years, with creative and sharing websites featuring it as a template, such as Imgflip or Memecreator.

As for the Undertale reference, the quote mostly remained an insider catchphrase, mostly floating around in threads of Reddit.

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