What does Daisuki mean?

Daisuki is a Japanese word, used to express great affection or fondness, being almost synonymic to love. It literally means something like “I like you a lot”.

Daisuki is not to be confused with the Japanese name Daisuke which is also the title of an electronic music hit, from the game “Beatmania IIDX 10th Style” published in 2004.


What's the origin of Daisuki?

The term is a compound of two Japanese words, “dai”, meaning big and “suki” meaning liking, daisuki is kind of like the expression “big like”.

Its use can be found in everyday sentences, like when someone talks about their passion for films, as well as intimate moments with our waifus.

Spread & Usage

How did Daisuki spread?

Daisuki was introduced to the public with the upheaval of manga and anime, both originating from Japan.

In English context we may mostly encounter the term while surrounded by otakus, or on chatrooms and forums centered on anime, infested by weebs.

The first Urban Dictionary entry was added about daisuki in 2006. For a normie internet user though it is rare to see the word, possibly resulting in a visit on sites that explain the phrase.

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