What does Lolicon mean?

Lolicon is the combination of the words Lolita and complex, and is used in the otaku community to refer to a genre of anime and manga, where a loli, or underage girl (normally under thirteen) is featured in a sexual context.

The same genre with a male protagonist is called shotacon, which is widely popular among female otakus.


What's the origin of Lolicon?

Lolita complex originates from the famous novel of Russian author Nabokov, Lolita, in which a man is having a romantic relationship with an underage girl.

It was used in Japan during the 1970’s and was used to term fan art about young girls.

Spread & Usage

How did Lolicon spread?

Lolicon is an expression mostly heard around weebs and otakus, who are – for some reason – aroused by underage girls.

It is quite widespread in hentai and fanfiction, in which fans of anime and manga characters channel all their deprived and dark fantasies.

The first Urban Dictionary entry was added about lolicon in 2007.

Delicious Flat Chest or DFT for short is a meme in the anime community that is related to lolicon.

People used the phrase or the abbreviation to mock or comment other’s attraction to flat chested little girls, or as they are often referred to as; “washboards”.

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