See you Space Cowboy


What does See you Space Cowboy mean?

See you Space Cowboy is a phrase from the critically acclaimed anime; Cowboy Bebop.

It is seen in the ending titles and has been adapted by the fans of the series as a way of saying good night, similar to the creators.

See you Space Cowboy…


What's the origin of See you Space Cowboy?

Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese sci-fi anime, set in 2071.

It aired between 1998 and 1999 and 26 episodes have been produced, with a large success both among fans and critics.

The creators of the show used a moment in the end of every episode to say goodbye to the viewers before the credits rolled in.

Many viewers and fans have adopted this special way of saying farewell, using it in their everyday routine.

Spread & Usage

How did See you Space Cowboy spread?

With the internet around, the expression spread smoothly, across the web of forums, message boards and social media.

Many dwellers of the internet parodied and mentioned the ending title in artworks, further popularizing the phrase.

Today many people are familiar with the phrase, mainly because of the great popularity, that the series claims.

A definition of See you Space Cowboy was uploaded to Urban Dictionary in 2011.

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