Bog Standard


What does Bog Standard mean?

Bog Standard ⁢is ⁢a humorous British expression used to ⁤describe something that ⁢is completely ordinary, average, or⁣ unremarkable. It ‍refers to ⁣something that is completely⁢ common‍ or‌ run-of-the-mill, lacking any ​special features or qualities. ⁤The⁢ term ⁢is‍ often used in a slightly⁣ sarcastic ​or⁢ self-deprecating manner, ⁢poking fun ‌at the underwhelming nature of⁣ the ‍object or‌ situation being described.

Example: “I was ‍really excited about trying ⁤that⁣ new​ restaurant, but‌ their ​food⁣ was ‌bog ‍standard – nothing ⁤to ‌write⁣ home about.”

Bog standard elevator


What's the origin of Bog Standard?

The ​origin ‍of ⁤the ‌term “Bog Standard” ‌is a ‌bit ⁤of a ⁤mystery. Some ​believe it originated from the British slang word “bog,”​ which‌ is a euphemism for ⁢a toilet‌ or ⁢bathroom. Consequently, “Bog Standard” would refers to something so insignificant, it could be encountered even in the bathroom.

Another theory ⁤suggests ‌that “Bog Standard”⁢ may have derived⁢ from ​the ⁤word⁤ “Box Standard,” which​ was‍ a​ term used in the‌ automotive industry to refer to a basic, standard model of a car,⁢ devoid ‍of ‌any extra⁤ features ‌or upgrades. This, however, is easily debatable, as the first documented use of “Bog Standard” predates “Box Standard” by almost two decades, which raises the possibility that “Box Standard” is just a derivate of “Bog Standard”.

Although the exact origin of “Bog Standard” is not known, its first known citation was published in 1968, in an October issue of “Hot Car”. Despite this, the expression might have been around for a longer time, however there is no solid evidence as to its development and etymology.

Spread & Usage

How did Bog Standard spread?

The expression “Bog Standard” became widely ⁣used in British ⁤English​ and has gained some⁣ popularity⁤ in ⁢other English-speaking​ countries as⁤ well. Often used⁤ colloquially,⁤ it has ⁣become⁢ part of everyday ‍language among Brits to⁤ describe ⁣anything​ that is⁣ considered ⁢ordinary or lacking excitement. ⁣The term ​has also⁤ spread‍ to popular ⁢culture⁤ and ‍media, including television shows, ⁤movies, and literature,⁢ making‍ it ⁤increasingly ​recognized by a wider audience.

So, next time⁢ you come across something that is ‌utterly⁢ plain and unexciting, ⁣just remember ​to employ​ the wonderfully ⁤amusing ⁤British phrase “Bog ‌Standard” ⁢to instantly lighten the situation.

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