Boot and Rally


What does Boot and Rally mean?

Boot and rally is a slang expression, especially common in college campuses, pubs, bars and summer camps.

It is the slang equivalent to “vomit and then proceed to party hard”.


What's the origin of Boot and Rally?

It first appeared in various campuses in the US, during the late 80’s, as getting wrecked every weekend became a cool new hobby to have.

With the spread of party culture, “boot and rally” turned up everywhere people were getting turnt up.

Spread & Usage

How did Boot and Rally spread?

“Boot and rally” was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2002 and is still in use in 2021.

There are t-shirt and poster designs, that illustrate the practice, in order to motivate their readers to party harder, as well as a South African bag business, called Boot & Rally.

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