What does Catcall mean?

A catcall is a sort of loud whistle or shout, that is done to express a strong load of disapproval and dislike.

It is especially common in sporting events, from football to baseball to basketball matches, directed especially in toward the referee.

Alternatively, a “catcall” may be a whistle, a shout or possibly a grunt, especially from construction workers, fueled by a sexual desire and directed toward lonely women, minding their own business.

This is a rather offensive and ineffective way of getting the attention of a potential partner and even if they would be interested initially, after a “catcall” most women are repulsed.


What's the origin of Catcall?

The term originally referred to a kind of whistle, used by theatre-goers, in case the act was displeasing.

The word was first registered to be used in 1693.

Over the years its meaning had transformed to a general shout or whistle of dislike.

Spread & Usage

How did Catcall spread?

The term today is relatively unused, as even the practice of “catcalling” a lady on the street is considered oubliette and impolite, at the least.

“Catcalls” are a thing of sports events now, reserved solely for the referee of the game, who is never approved by both sides.

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