What does Chasity mean?

Chasity is a girl who is almost perfect. She is beautiful, kind and selfless, everyone loves her and whenever she enters the room, people get into a way better mood. +

She is the person who always has your back and makes you smile when you feel sad and down.

You can always count on her, she is the ultimate specimen.

Lot of people describe others with the name “Chasity”, so they can let them know that they are absolutely perfect with only one word.

The literal meaning of the name is purity and innocence.


What's the origin of Chasity?

There is a popular belief about the name which is that it comes from or it got more recognition after Chastity Bono in the 70s.

But actually the name “Chasity” is a Scandinavian derivative of the Latin word Chastity, meaning purity and innocence.

The name has existed roughly since the 10th century Scandinavia, mainly around the North of the Arctic Circle’s regions, which now are Sweden and Norway.

Spread & Usage

How did Chasity spread?

The today’s meaning of the word got more recognition around the 2010s, and since then there has been subreddits about it as well as tweets and entries on Urban Dicitonary and on various other social media platforms.

The name may have gotten more popular outside of Scandinavia because of Chastity Bono, which is an alternative version for “Chasity”.

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