What does Chillax mean?

Chillax is a popular contemporary slang expression, comprised of the words Chill and Relax, referring to an even calmer state of mind than relaxed.

This portmanteau is especially used by young people, aiming to flaunt their wits and express themselves in unconventional, new ways.

If you’re overwhelmed by stress and don’t seem to get to the end of it, then Daddy Chill and relax at the same time!


What's the origin of Chillax?

“Chillax” was created in the depths of the internet, and so its exact origins are impossible to define.

One of the earliest Urban Dictionary entries, defining the term as “To both chill and relax at the same time” was uploaded to the online dictionary in 2002.

Since then, a large number of other entries have been added on the word, and the web has been swarmed by the expression.

Spread & Usage

How did Chillax spread?

“Chillax” rapidly became a staple of popular culture, embraced by the youth globally.

It appeared in videos, memes and posts online, since the 2000s, and following 2010, it was present at an increased rate.

However, the term went truly viral in 2016, when on July 23rd, Farruko released his song, collaborating with Ky-Mani Marley, titled “Chillax”, which went viral globally. As of 2023, it has over 800 million views.

Today, the slang term “Chillax” is as popular as ever. It can be encountered in social media posts, memes, TikToks as well as casual conversations offline.

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