What does Cucked mean?

Cucked is a verb referring to someone having been cheated on by a Cuckoldress, or and unfaithful wife.

“Cucked” is almost synonymous to tricked or trolled in its modern usage on the internet and online video games, although it carries a more severe undertone of disrespect, due to its original meaning.

It is also a popular trope in Pron, along with the Step Sister cliché.


What's the origin of Cucked?

The term “Cuckold” has been present in the English dictionary since the French had occupied Britain in the 11th century, originating from the name of the Cuckoo, a bird whose specimen are notorious of leaving eggs in the nests of other species, as well as occupying them.

The “Cuck” slang’s modern upheaval began on the site 4chan in the early 2010’s, with a racist and misogynistic tone added to the phrase that we mostly encounter in political discussions on message boards like that of 4chan and Reddit.

The first Urban Dictionary entry on “Cucked” was added in 2004.

Since that time, several others, more accurate definitions have been written on the matter.

Spread & Usage

How did Cucked spread?

The big numbers of kids going on Reddit as well as 4chan forums resulted in the term being adopted into the gaming scene, where it is a kind of synonym for trolled or baited, especially in competitive FPS games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Still, the term is most present in the dictionaries of right wing internet dwellers who spend most of their lives ranting about their views on message boards.

“Cucked” also gained a lot of traction online following the release of the adventure video game “Needy Streamer Overload”, due to the fact that it contained the achievement “Cucked”, unlocked after taking a certain ending.

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