What does Cuckoldress mean?

Cuckoldress is a term referring to a woman, who had cuckolded, aka cheated on her husband, making him a cuckold.

While cuckolding someone may be a way to deliberately hurt him or her, it may also be done with the intention of giving pleasure, as the feeling of being powerless, and humiliated is sometimes arousing as well as satisfying for some people.


What's the origin of Cuckoldress?

The word “cuckold” had been a part of the English language due to the heavy French influence during the high middle ages.

It is unknown, when the –ress suffix had been added to the root, but it is likely an old combination, as the wife of the cuckold was known as an “adulteress”.

A cuckoldress may also be referred to as a “hotwife” a woman, that is shared voluntarily by the husband.

Spread & Usage

How did Cuckoldress spread?

Thanks to the openness and anonymity, provided by the web, people are embracing and discussing their fetishes freely and open heartedly, allowing a constant flow of information on habits, such as cuckoldry and wife sharing.

Urban Dictionary have had the word among their archives since the year 2006, though no further entries have been written to explain the phenomenon.

Cuckoldress is still a relatively unknown expression, regarding its miniscule search volume and is rarely if ever used outside of circles, discussing sexual fetishes.

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