Dinna Fash


What does Dinna Fash mean?

Dinna fash (or dinna fash yersel) is a Scottish proverbial expression, simply meaning “don’t fret”, “don’t stress” or “don’t worry”.

The term is part of Scottish nationality and culture.

It is a commonly used and well-recognized expression all around Scotland and in some parts of Ireland. However, it is unlikely that you will encounter this term anywhere else in the world.


What's the origin of Dinna Fash?

The term is a mixture of various old languages, like Middle English and Old French.

It developed somewhere during the 14th century, when Scotland was still independent from England.

After Scotland became a part of the Commonwealth, languages like Scottish began to fade away and disappear from usage, but dinna fash stayed with us.

Spread & Usage

How did Dinna Fash spread?

As mentioned above, all Scots are familiar with  the expression dinna fash.

The areas where it is most frequently used are Edinburgh and the rural areas of the Scottish Highlands.

The term is often featured in historical movies and TV shows.

Other than that, it is sometimes featured on memes about Scottish people and culture.

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