Dummy thicc


What does Dummy thicc mean?

Dummy thicc is like regular thicc, except it is so chunky, that it affects your brain cells and if you stare for long enough, you’ll go dumb.

If you happen to be dummy thicc, then you possibly know about the difficulties it poses on sneaking, because of the claps your cheeks do every step.


What's the origin of Dummy thicc?

Thicc has been in use for quite a while, it entering the mainstream around the 90’s.

The origins of dummy thicc though are shrouded in mystery, the first entry on it being added to Urban Dictionary only in early 2018.

Spread & Usage

How did Dummy thicc spread?

Following the definition, several YouTube videos featured the expression, as well as comic tweets. Dummy thicc is a kind of resurgence of the thicc meme that was spreading around a few years prior.

Several memes were posted of video games characters being dummy thicc on Reddit, as well as twitter.

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