What does Edgelord mean?

 An Edgelord is an attention seeking user on the internet, who is purposefully commencing the discussion of taboo and controversial topics, in order to gain attention and appear as edgy or cool.

Being an “Edgelord ” is the easiest way of getting a response to one’s online activity and is mostly used as a tool for getting the attention of others on the web.


What's the origin of Edgelord?

The term appeared on Google as early as 2013, in terms of search interest, though it was still yet to develop into a habitually utilized expression.

Urban Dictionary defined “Edgelord for the first time in 2016, with several other articles following.

The phrase comes from the combination of the words edge and lord as edgy online is used for someone, with unconventional morals, that push the boundaries of decency and taste, while lord is a humorous honorific, mocking the person, that usually thinks he or she is superior to others, due to their views.

Spread & Usage

How did Edgelord spread?

The term “Edgelord truly began to be incorporated into the lingo of web users in 2017, especially across the two main junctions of information; 4chan and Reddit, where “Edgelords eagerly await the opportunity to wave their nihilistic and extreme views around.

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