Fromunda Cheese


What does Fromunda Cheese mean?

Fromunda cheese, despite it sounding like a rare kind of dairy product is not something one would want to eat.

The name of the substance comes from the modified form of the phrase “from under” and it is supposed to be followed by “my balls.”

So one may deduct, that “fromunda cheese” is in fact a product of a lack of showering; an accumulation of sweat and residue from the anus and the glans penis.


What's the origin of Fromunda Cheese?

The expression was most likely created by football jocks and other teenage sportsmen during the end of the 20th century, as people in sports like teasing each other with disgusting bodily fluids and products, that are extracted from the body during physical activities.

“Fromunda cheese” was defined on Urban Dictionary for the first time in 2003, with a plethora of other interpretations having been uploaded to the site since that time.

Spread & Usage

How did Fromunda Cheese spread?

The popularity of the expression was further increased by a 2011 YouTube video, in which a mother asks her son, what “fromunda cheese” is, to which the young adult eagerly and neatly explains what the substance is, as well as what sorts of pranks are performed, using the material.

One such prank is related to the dirty sanchez; it is scooping up a little “fromunda cheese” from under one’s testicles and smearing it on the upper lip of someone unsuspecting.

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