Hugh Mungus


What does Hugh Mungus mean?

Hugh Mungus is a made up name, created by Rudy Pantoja, a Seattle citizen, while being filmed and harassed by a Black Lives Matter activist.

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What's the origin of Hugh Mungus?

The whole affair began with the activist, Zarna Joshi posting a long rant about her protest at a police station and how she was “sexually harassed” by Pantoja, who introduced himself by the name Hugh Mungus, which she interpreted as a reference to his penis and harassment.

At the end of the post – at her own demise – she included the video footage; she recorded, while embarrassing herself.

Spread & Usage

How did Hugh Mungus spread?

In the following weeks, the video was reposted by several youtubers. Plenty of articles have been written about the incident as well, by Blue Lives Matter, as well as Heat Steet.

Zarna Joshi had even gotten her own Encyclopedia Dramatica entry, where she is defined as “batshit insane” as well as several other things.

The whole Hugh Mungus affair only escalated after this, though, when youtuber h3h3productions took the side of Rudy Pantoja and created a video called “Crazy Feminist Gets Triggered Ft. Hugh Mungus”. It gained lots of views, and it also spread on Reddit.

Following this Zarna had responded in several videos, ranting about patriarchy and setting up a donation site for herself… how noble. H3h3productions had tested her, to see if she’d accept patriarchy money… she did.

Pantoja also had a donation site made for him, but both were shut down later, because of overflowing controversy.

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