What does IMPOTUS mean?

It is a title of shame and disgrace, given to a person. To earn this title, you really have to be the worse of the worst.

The former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump was great enough to receive it.

He was then about to be the impeached President of the United States.

Impotus Americanus


What's the origin of IMPOTUS?

The whole trend of calling President Trump an IMPOTUS started with George Conway, a conservative attorney and White House counselor, created this nickname.

It went immediately viral, after Conway lashed out online on Tweeter on a Thursday night, on the 19th of December 2019.

After the success and recognition that tweet got him, he later added: “Okay, you want a hashtag, you got it. #IMPOTUS”

Spread & Usage

How did IMPOTUS spread?

The tweet got viral very quickly. On the next day, it was already trending and people used it to criticize the current president of the USA.

Literally, on the next day, on the 20th of December, The Hill wrote an article about it on the same day multiple entries were written on Urban Dictionary, the memes on Instagram with the  #IMPOTUS went viral.

The term conquered the Internet for that couple of days, and since then it’s as popular as it was.

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