Chaotic Neutral Chart


What does Chaotic Neutral Chart mean?

Chaotic neutral chart (also known as Alignment Chart) is a type of graph and meme that is constituted by usually 9 different segments, one of them being chaotic neutral.

The chart’s purpose is to place one’s characteristics based on the individual’s ethical and moral perspectives.

The charts mostly feature characters coming from a shared sub-culture, and often resembles the style of Demotivational Posters.

Occasionally an explanation or quote can be written under the characters to help the viewer understand the alignment.


What's the origin of Chaotic Neutral Chart?

The foundation of the chart was laid down in the popular board game Dungeons & Dragons.

In the game, the player’s chosen hero is determined by a number of attributes. One of them is the alignment of the hero.

This feature indicates whether the character is good or evil, and whether they are law-abiding or law-breaking, and all the things in between the two-axis chaotic neutral chart system.

Spread & Usage

How did Chaotic Neutral Chart spread?

The chart has inspired many fans to use the alignment outside of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

The system was applied onto different fictional universes’ personnel, often evoking debates and disagreements on forums like Reddit or 4chan.

The chaotic neutral charts eventually became popular outside fandom communities as the format can be applied to almost anything.

From everyday objects to pop culture figures, 5×5 charts, images containing only one alignment, or reversed alignments, there is an infinite amount of examples that show just how diverse this format is.

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