Cool story, bro


What does Cool story, bro mean?

Cool story, bro is an internet catchphrase, normally used in a sarcastic manner to comment on other peoples posts, stories or comments.

It is usually in a meme format, and is used as a reaction when someone says something stupid, or shares a shit story that no one really cares about.

The story that was told is usually the opposite of cool.

It was boring, lengthy, and didn’t really lead anywhere – so you disencourage the person from telling it again by sarcastically saying: “Cool story, bro.”

Cool Story, Bro


What's the origin of Cool story, bro?

In the movie Zoolander from 2001, the main character Hansel (Owen Wilson) tells a long, boring story, to which another character Olaf sarcastically responds: “Cool story, Hansel!”

Some 4chan users then adopted the phrase, but changed “Hansel” to “Bro”, when commenting on another user’s long winded sad story in 2008.

Soon after the first use, memes with the phrase started spreading on 4chan, followed by other social platforms.

Spread & Usage

How did Cool story, bro spread?

The first meme includes an image from The Incredible Hercules by Marvel Comics.

Twitter user coolstorybro exclusively shares worthy, new memes with the phrase for others to enjoy.

The hype even lead to the creation of Facebook groups with the phrase as title.

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