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What does F in the chat mean?

F In the Chat or Press F to Pay Respect is a popular meme in gaming communities, usually used as a reaction to shocking or sad news, both ironically or sincerely.

It may be encountered in online multiplayer games, especially shooters like Call of Duty, however, it is also widespread online, and can be found in the comments of meme sites, as well as social media platforms.

“F in The Chat” is a versatile tool, and may be applied in a wide range of circumstances, like a friend dying in a competitive match of Counter Strike, or hearing the news of someone else being dumped by their girlfriend.

The keystroke meme is similar to another format, taken from Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire, which gave us the Press X to Doubt reaction image.


Spam F for ultimate respect


What's the origin of F in the chat?

“F In the Chat” can be traced back to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which was released in 2014.

During the story of the game, players are attending the funeral of a fallen comrade, and a prompt is shown, upon approaching the coffin, saying “Press F to Pay Respect.” This moment was swiftly shared by players online, both as a screenshot image macro, as well as a reaction GIF. “F In the Chat” quickly became a popular way for players to show their respect and mourn their fallen comrades.

Now, “F in the chat” is a common way to express condolences or show empathy in online chats and forums. Who knew that a simple keystroke could become such a widespread phenomenon?

Spread & Usage

How did F in the chat spread?

“F In the Chat” memes started popping up on every platform imaginable, from Twitter to Reddit and 9GAG. It even became a staple on Twitch, a popular live-streaming website for gamers. Whenever a streamer died in a game, viewers would flood the chat with the letter “F” to pay their respects.

In conclusion, the spread of “F In the Chat” is a prime example of how quickly a simple phrase can turn into a widespread meme.

Its origins may seem insignificant, but its impact on the gaming community cannot be denied. So, the next time you see someone type “F” in a chat, remember that it is more than just a letter – it’s a symbol of unity among gamers.

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