Gamma male


What does Gamma male mean?

The Gamma male is the third and lowest tier of male social hierarchy. Unlike the others on the top, like the Sigmas or Alphas, the “Gamma male” is usually the “invisible” guy.

Nobody really pays extra attention to him, but he doesn’t mind it because even he knows he is not that special. He is also a type of man who avoids pack mentality.

The “Gamma male” is a clingy, possessive and a truly worthless being, and while it is impossible for him to compete with men above his social tier, he manipulates girls into thinking that he is a nice guy.

They also advocate the views of feminine supremacy and often have feminine ideas, just to fit in. He is basically a man-bitch.


What's the origin of Gamma male?

The terms such as alpha, beta and gamma are used to determine the position of an individual within the social hierarchy.

Dominance hierarchies are not only common in human nature. Forming a pack and having leaders as well as followers has always been a thing in the animal kingdom and in nature.

These types of hierarchies can be found around groups, where conflict can occur between individuals.

Spread & Usage

How did Gamma male spread?

On various social media and networking platforms you can read about “Gamma male”. On Urban Dictionary since 2008, there has been multiple definitions written about it.

On the online magazine Steve Jabba, an entire article was dedicated to help women on how to spot a “Gamma male” and then how to avoid them successfully.

And if reading is not really in your favour, there are various videos about the subject, such as “All 24 types of males explained” by the Youtube channel CollegeHumor.

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