Grug Moment


What does Grug Moment mean?

Grug moment refers to a popular internet slang expression, related to Bruh Moment, mixing it with the character Grug from The Croods.

It is commonly applied in Do You Are Have Stupid situations, when someone is action so prehistoric, that in unleashes Angery in every rational human being.

Grug moment


What's the origin of Grug Moment?

Grug in the name of a character from the 2013 animation The Croods, who served as the inspiration for the prehistoric Wojak meme, which has been around since 2014.

It is from this meme; the expression was derived.

“Grug moment” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on February 25th, 2019, with many other entries having written since then.

Spread & Usage

How did Grug Moment spread?

The phrase started emerging on various sites, especially message social media, message boards and forums in April 2019.

Image macros and YouTube parody videos would also start appearing at that time, with the memes being uploaded especially to Reddit, 9GAG, iFunny and

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