If You Know You Know


What does If You Know You Know mean?

If You Know You Know, abbreviated as IYKYK is a slang expression, most prevalent on social media posts, used by teens, girls and especially teenage girls.

The phrase itself refers to the fact that some information is exclusively known and understood by some, and it cannot be explained to others, similar to The Game.

The shortened form of the phrase is a popular hashtag on sites like Instagram and TikTok, while the full expression is mostly used in real life conversations.



What's the origin of If You Know You Know?

It is unclear where the expression comes from, however the earliest online mention of “If You Know You Know” appeared on Urban Dictionary, when the phrase was first defined in 2015. It can be concluded from this, that the expression.

IYKYK was further popularized in 2018, by the hit of PUSHA T, titled “If You Know You Know.” Following that, the expression quickly caught on online, used to refer to an inside joke, only known by a chosen few.

Spread & Usage

How did If You Know You Know spread?

At the end of the 2010s, “If You Know You Know” became more and more popular, especially among young users on social media, like Instagram and TikTok.

The phrase may be encountered both as a standalone phrase, as well as a hashtag, not to mention the sassy conversations that can be overheard in suburban high schools.

While the phrase and its acronym IYKYK is mostly embraced by the youth, it still possesses a significant presence on popular culture, giving friend groups and tight communities a bond, that is inaccessible for outsiders.

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