It just works


What does It just works mean?

“It just works” is a phrase used when something doesn’t make complete sense, or you don’t have a full understanding of how something works, it just does it anyway.

It can also be used if a person doesn’t want to explain something, because it would be a waste of time or the other person isn’t competent enough to understand it, so you just say “It just works”.


What's the origin of It just works?

The phrase was made famous by well-known video game designer Todd Howard when he used it to explain the workings of the Fallout 4 Settlement mode.

Later, in 2011 it was repeatedly said by Steve Jobs on stage when introducing his new product, “The Cloud”.

Additionally, the character “King Crimson” from the popular manga “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures” uses the phrase to explain his time-erasing abilities.

Spread & Usage

How did It just works spread?

As seen, the phrase is used in multiple areas of pop culture to avoid providing an explanation for advanced functions and abilities.

It was made popular on the internet with the help of memes, often with either the face of Todd Howard on it, the Apple symbol, or sections of pages from a manga.

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