Plot Armor


What does Plot Armor mean?

Plot armor is a popular expression online, referring to the obvious effort on the part of the writes, that goes into magically saving the main character from situations of certain demise.

In the case of these series, people don’t usually Watch it for the plot.


What's the origin of Plot Armor?

While the exact origin of the phrase “Plot armor” is not known, the expression was first defined on Urban Dictionary on April 23rd, 2008.

It would first be exclusive to certain forums and message boards, revolving around the discussion of series, books and anime, like 4chan’s /a/ board.

Spread & Usage

How did Plot Armor spread?

Over the 2010’s, “Plot armor” became significantly more widespread, as it emerged in social media posts and various other forums, like Reddit threads.

“Plot Armor” became a popular keyword on YouTube as well, as the channel Plot Armor garnered a growing follower base in 2021.

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