What does Ligma mean?

Ligma is a fictional disease, that was associated with the hoax, that famous Fortnite streamer, Ninja had died, from contracting “ligma”.

The purpose of “ligma”, however is to incentivize the listener to ask “what is ligma?” to which the correct response would be “ligma balls”.

The joke is similar to the jests Deez Nuts, as well as Updog.

That damn Ligma


What's the origin of Ligma?

The meme made its first emergence in May, 2018, when Instagram user galevik uploaded a video of his Twitter conversation with gun control activist David Hogg, prying him if he supports “ligma” to which eventually David responded “what is ligma”.

The answer to this became the legendary punchline; “Ligma balls bitch”.

The video had gained a massive amount of views and had influenced the emergence of following “ligma” memes.

Spread & Usage

How did Ligma spread?

The biggest occurrence of the “ligma” joke started with a hoax in July 2018, when a picture was uploaded of Ninja on Instagram, as he is ascending to heaven along with other online meme legends, such as Harambe, Tupac Shakur and Robin Williams.

This served as the first move to the spreading of false information about the death of the Fortnite streamer, which was caused by the disease “ligma”.

This had lured the unsuspecting followers and fans of the persona, to asking the question; “What is ligma?”, spreading the joke further and further on the web.

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