What does Malding mean?

Malding is the portmanteau of the words mad and balding, used to refer to an angry, bald man.

It is seen the most at the chat of Twitch streamer Forsen.


What's the origin of Malding?

There is not much proof of the use of the term, before it got turned into a meme, thanks to Forsen’s fan base.

The word got into the archives of Urban Dictionary in 2011, when an entry was added on “mald” and defined as a person who is mad about being bald.

Spread & Usage

How did Malding spread?

The true career of the phrase started out in 2019, though, when the aforementioned Twitch streamer, Forsen looked up mald on Urban Dictionary, and his fans have been spamming his chat section with puns related to malding.

A few days following Forsen’s “research” a picture of him was posted on Reddit, motivating people to upvote it, so that it pops up in Google images, if you search for “mald”.

Not so much after these events, Twitch streamer Nymm uploaded an explanation for the whole malding craze, stating that it all started with Forsen’s fans initially writing “So bad, so mad!”; “So bald, so mad!”; “So bald, so mald!”, and the final form;  mald.

Malding is a verb derived from that.

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