What does Manlet mean?

The term Manlet is used to define a short statured male, who is usually trying to compensate for his short height by training to get a strong muscular body.

Usually this person is getting lots of hate from the other males who are tall and skinny or from those who are fat and  even from the insecure women, who want tall men, because they are having hard accepting themselves.

In their minds, even a 2 cm difference in height is like a 2m in difference.


What's the origin of Manlet?

The term Manlet is started to appear on the internet in around 2012, on the messaging board website 4chan.

Later it spread to social media websites by the women who think height matters above all and don’t like it when a man is shorter than 1.8 meter (or 6 feet).

Spread & Usage

How did Manlet spread?

The term Manlet is usually used by women on the internet, mostly on social media and dating sites, to “height shame” a man who is shorter than the ideal, tall man.

This has started a trend in around 2014 on social media sites like Facebook and on dating apps like Tinder.

Ever since the term has made its way to dating apps and women being very picky or insecure, its being used more and more.

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