Navy Seal Copypasta


What does Navy Seal Copypasta mean?

Navy seal copypasta or also known all around the internet as “marine copypasta”, “gorilla warfare copypasta” and “internet tough guy copypasta”, is a long message containing series of ridiculous claims and treats which is used to portray the poster as an internet tough guy stereotype.

In the original post he claims to be a former navy seal with a long history of combat experience using comical things like “gorilla warfare” and that he can kill you in over 700 ways with just his bare hands and that he also got 300 confirmed kills.


What's the origin of Navy Seal Copypasta?

Navy seal copypasta originates from the message board website from sometime around 2010, however the exact date is unknown.

The earliest archived post found on 4chan’s subpage called /jp/ which is the Otaku Culture board of the site was in 2010.

An anonymous user submitted a claim in the form a thread to the 4chan /pasta/ board, claiming he is the one who created the original copypasta 2-3 years prior.

Since its original appearance, it has spawned lots of spin off stories like to the John Copypasta meme.

Spread & Usage

How did Navy Seal Copypasta spread?

The copypasta can usually be found on its originating website, where it has become an inside joke and is used to disrupt threads and to leave “newfags” baffled.

It is also used on the streaming website, where jokesters use it as the text for a donation on streams which have text-to-speech donations enabled.

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