None Pizza Left Beef


What does None Pizza Left Beef mean?

None pizza left beef refers to a unique pizza composition, comprised of nothing but dough and beef on the left side of the dish.

This marked the beginning of a series of special pizza request posts online, where users ask restaurants to prepare strange pizzas or cut them up in unconventional ways, creating the predecessor meme of Cursed Pizza and Boneless Pizza.

none pizza left beef


What's the origin of None Pizza Left Beef?

“None pizza left beef” first appeared on the internet on October 19th, 2007, in an article by the humorous blog page, The Sneeze”, titled The Great Pizza Orientation Test”, written by Steve Molaro.

One of the screenshots and photos featured in the article present readers with an order that asks for no topping on the pizza, beside beef on the left side.

Spread & Usage

How did None Pizza Left Beef spread?

The phenomenon became a sensation and many would try ordering “None pizza left beef”, enraging chefs all across the globe.

In the following years, posts of unconventional orders and their realizations would appear on the internet, on sites like Reddit, BuzzFeed and Tumblr.

A wide variety of other unconventional pizza memes also turned out on the internet in the 2010’s, highly influenced by “None pizza left beef”.

In 2018, news of the creator of the original “None pizza left beef” post, Steve Molaro surfaced online, describing his position as co-creator in the 2017 sitom “Young Sheldon”, with users on Reddit calling it a “Hard fall from grace”.



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