Watch it for the plot


What does Watch it for the plot mean?

The meaning of the statement itself is to watch a movie or a show for the enjoyment of the engaging storyline or narrative.

However, the statement as a slang is more often than not used sarcastically when talking about shows involving sexuality, sexual references or attractive characters.

A person may say they are watching a movie for the “plot” (sarcasm) while actually their only interest is the sexually attractive characters.

The statement is also used as a joke regarding adult entertainment, while common knowledge indicates that in fact no one watches it for the plot.


What's the origin of Watch it for the plot?

The exact origin is unknown; however, similar expressions have existed in previous generations; for example, the statement “I read it for the articles”, which was used regarding the famous Playboy magazine in the 60’s and 70’s.

Spread & Usage

How did Watch it for the plot spread?

As the expression gained popularity, the word “plot” became associated with attractive female body parts. This is evident in the meme world, where meme creators paste the word “plot” onto characters breasts or behind.

In 2011 such memes started showing up on social media platforms, and in 2012 the creation of the /r/watchitfortheplot subreddit took place, still active today.

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