Praise The Sun


What does Praise The Sun mean?

Praise the Sun is a popular quote from the 2011 game Dark Souls.

It is used in the game by the character Solaire of Astora, a Warrior of Sunlight who is a worshipper of the Sun and a companion to the player.

Fans of the game use the quote as well as the gesture of raising up their arms in a “V” shape, while sarcastically making a reference to the naivety of Solaire.

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What's the origin of Praise The Sun?

Dark Souls was released on September 22nd, 2011.

The game featured a non-player character, Solaire of Astora who was a small ray of light in a very dark and grim game.

Due to his friendliness and silly character, his catchphrase, “Praise the Sun!” became popular among fans of the game.

Spread & Usage

How did Praise The Sun spread?

“Praise the Sun” was first defined on Urban Dictionary on November 9th, 2011.

Following the release of the game, memes of Solaire of Astora flooded the internet, with the phrase paired with the images.

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