What does Roastie mean?

Roastie is a slang word used by those internet dwellers, who are protecting their virginity with a large amount of collectible weapons, as well as mean and sexist comments on women’s vaginas, which brings us to the matter at hand.

Roastie refers to a vagina’s elongated labia, which looks like a juicy slice of roast beef.


What's the origin of Roastie?

Originally, roastie was an innocent expression in Britain, as well as Australia and Ireland for roasted potatoes.

This however had changed with the arrival of the 2010’s and with it the incel or involuntary celibacy movement, most prominent on 4chan.

These guys were outraged at women who deny sex from them, and so they channeled their virgin rage into meme memes and slang.

One of the earliest instances of the term roastie appeared on 4chan in a Smash Mouth All Star paraphrase that had spread widely and got a lot of reposts.

Spread & Usage

How did Roastie spread?

The term had quickly taken off, with an article added on Urban Dictionary in 2015.

It then had spread from 4chan, to Reddit to Twitter, though it is still almost exclusively used by sexists or people related to the incel culture, most widely seen on their natural habitat,


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