What does Sksk mean?

Sksk, sometimes written repeatedly after each other, is a reaction to something funny or surprising, similar to “haha”.

It can also be written as “sjsj” or other variations, as long as it contains a repeated “S”-letter. However, “sksk” is the most used version.

“Sksk” is mainly used in a written manner, but some teenage girls use it orally as well.

It belongs to the “basic bitch” stereotype, meaning that mainly white, scrunchie-wearing, hydroflask using teenage girls use the expression, rather than using “haha” or “hehe” like most other people.

Many find the “laugh” very annoying and call the people doing it “VSCO girls”, an insulting term towards teenage girls using the photo sharing app VSCO.

The expression is often used in combination with “and I oop”, another VSCO slang.


What's the origin of Sksk?

Well deserving of the stereotype “VSCO girl”, the expression gained fame from the mentioned photo-sharing platform.

It was originally used by Brazilian and Portuguese speaking people to express strong emotions, but was adopted by VSCO using teenagers around 2010.

The reason it is favoured to express strong emotions is because of the way you can conveniently pound the letters on the keyboard.

Spread & Usage

How did Sksk spread?

While mainly being used on VSCO, the expression spread to other platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr, and also used in comment sections of Facebook.

In the later parts of the 2010’s, the expression has been progressively used to make fun of said “VSCO girls”, either in Internet memes, or on the short-video sharing app TikTok.

External resources

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