What does Smile.jpg mean?

Smile.jpg also referred to as is a popular online creepypasta, telling the tale of a photo, which, if viewed, causes epileptic seizures, anxiety and insanity.

The copypasta is often paired with a photoshop edit of a Siberian husky, displaying an eerie smile, with human teeth.

Other popular online copypastas include Man Door Hand Hook Car Door, Navy Seal Copypasta and I Am the Bone of My Sword.



What's the origin of Smile.jpg?

The exact origin of “Smile.jpg” is a question of debate, as the copypasta cites Usenet and Something Awful as sites where the image depicting the killer canine was posted, these, however, are unconfirmed.

On the other hand, many sources cite 4chan’s paranormal /x/ board to be the first place, where the copypasta and the image first surfaced in 2008.

Spread & Usage

How did Smile.jpg spread?

The “Smile.jpg” creepypasta gained fast prominence online, first appearing on Urban Dictionary on January 15th, 2009.

On June 12th, 2010, YouTube user Jacob Weldon uploaded a two-part live action short film adaptation of the story.

In the years to follow, the topic became more and more popular, eventually peaking in 2013, with appearances on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit as well as various fanart sites, like DeviantArt.

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