What does Smol mean?

If something is super cute, tiny and often fluffy, you could use the term “smol” about it.

“Smol” is supposed to be said as if a cute, little animal was trying to say “small”, or as if you are baby talking.

It is normally used about tiny, adorable dogs, cats, birds or other animals, that are smaller than usual.

The antonym of the slang would be “lorge”, meaning “large”, but with a similar pronunciation.

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What's the origin of Smol?

The exact origin is unknown, however the term started appearing on the internet – in the form of animal memes – late spring of 2015.

The slang quickly gained popularity, and grew especially when lead vocalist Tyler Josephs from the alternative music band Twenty One Pilots said “I am a bean”, to which thousands of fans responded “a smol bean”.

Even today the slang is often used together with “bean”.

Spread & Usage

How did Smol spread?

Except from baby talking and calling pets cute, the slang is widely spread all over social media platforms.

There are large numbers of memes dedicated to the term, often depicting tiny animals, but also art, videos, tweets and tumblr posts have great usage of the word.

The celebrity pets on animal fan pages – where the pet seems to be the owner of the page who communicates with their fans – often use the term about themselves.

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